Our ScaleUp service portfolio

Provision of Supply Chain Management resources

Board of Directors Operation
Senior adviser Global Supply Chain
Interim manager Global Supply Chain
Project Manager Supply Chain
Taskforce – Implementation manager

Global Supply Chain design

Supply Chain design
Mapping of Supply Chain entities
Service level-Leadtime-Critical patch
Make /Buy decision
Countrys – Trade, Freight, Regulations, Tax and Duties

Scaling of Supply Chain

Business roadmaps
Supply Chain Scale up roadmap
Evaluation, Development, Implementation
Countrys – Trade, Freight, Regulations, Tax and Duties

Supply Chain

Scale up scenarios Application and platforms
As Is application landscape Infrastructure
To Be Application and infrastructure landscape
Application devleopment and operation

Global Product Compliance

Product World Trade Compliance
Product Documentation and classifications
Product design vs producabillity, Supplyability

Supply Demand Planning

Supply and Demand Data-collection, -analyse and risk descision.
Ways of working
Roles Execution

Operation of supply chain

Customer logistics / Order management
Transformation and Change management
Implementation management
Management-Supply Tower  control
Supply Demand planning
Supply as a Service
PopUp Supply
IN-EX Supply Operation